NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 17 Season 3: Blye, K. (Part 2)

The team runs into problems while attempting to clear Kensi Blye from charges of murder after she has a deadly confrontation with CIA agents.

Episode Recap:

The episode opens where it ended in part one with Kensi on the ground cause a sniper shot. But she is unharmed thanks to a bullet proof vest. Callen, Sam, Deeks and Nell are in the park. They don't know if Kensi was hit or not so they are trying to find Kensi. Kensi spots someone and follows him. Back at the office, Hetty and Eric are tracking Kensi's movements. Eric tells Callen that Kensi was at the park and she is following someone. The guy is a pro and Kensi is hunting down this man.

So she's armed, pissed off and hunting down the one guy who knows what happened to her father. Sucks to be him.

Hetty calls Kensi and tells her that she doesn't have to do it alone. Kensi reminds her of a favor Hetty owes her and tells her to consider it even. She throws away her cell phone. The four reach the office and Eric tells them that Kensi has gone dark and there is no way they could trace her. Callen asks for Granger and surprisingly he seems to have gone dark too. Deeks has some suspicions about Granger but Sam tells him to look at it from every angle before jumping to conclusions.

Okay, does anybody want to talk about the giant elephant in the Ops center?

Callen tells them that Granger, Harris and Kensi's dad were a part of the same operation in the 90's and he is sure that he is the only one who can put the pieces together. Hetty needs Granger to be tracked down and brought to her. She tells Deeks to look out for Kensi when she turns up; as she will need a friend. Kensi is walking down the street. Suddenly she notices a man in a car and starts running. The guy follows her. But Kensi tricks him, beats him unconscious and gets away with his car. Eric tells Nells and Deeks that LAPD is reporting an incident, where a girl beat up a man twice her size and escaped with his car. Deeks knows this is definitely Kensi.

That's my girl.

While they are checking the footage, they spot Granger.

So that's what the elephant in the room actually looks like.

Kensi follows the address fed in the GPS in the car and reaches a house. She tiptoes to the back window of the house and sees a woman talking to a guy. Eric traces the car Kensi is driving and tells Callen that Deeks is going to that address. The property Kensi walks into is registered in the name of Julia Feldman. Deeks finds Kensi.

What's up, killer?

Kensi is in pain because of the hit in the park. Deeks wants at least to check the damage since Kensi doesn't want to go with him because she still has unfinished business.

I'm not done here yet.

Next we see, Callen and Sam break into Kensi's apartment which has been ransacked and find Granger. He is carrying a rifle (Kensi's rifle). They ask him to put down his weapon and after Callen asks him about the incident at the park. Sam checks the rifle and finds out that it has been either used or cleaned (we know it has ben cleaned). They bring him to the boatshed.

You're about to find out... sir.

Meanwhile Deeks questions Kensi about her intentions when she catches the guy who shot at her and her father and about the woman in the house and why she is there while Kensi takes off her shirt and let him check her ribs.

You got a cracked rib. It's not broken. If it was, you'd puncture a lung at that angle.

Granger tells Hetty that he did not kill Harris. He tells her that he has two suspects in this case: Kensi Blye and Peter Claremont. Granger now knows that Kensi is innocent. So that leaves him with Peter. Peter is supposed to be dead six years ago; but now Granger feels that he is alive. Granger tells her that the whole team believed in Peter's death; but when Granger started to think about the accident which supposedly killed him, it did not track right. He had his doubts and began to reconsider the reasons why Peter had vanished. Callen wonders why Peter faked his death in 2006, why not before and why not after. 2006 seems to be a special year for NCIS: Kensi bacame an agent. Granger said that the first thing Kensi did was to pull out all the files related to her father's death. They assume that Peter killed Donald Blye; but the question is why. Just then Nell calls Callen and tells him that the last call Peter made was to a man named Peter Nelson; whose facial recognition matched with Peter Claremont's. Granger is right.

Which means Granger was not the one that leaked the location.

Back at the house Deeks wants to bring Kensi in but she says wants Deeks to do her a favor: she wants the woman, Julia, in protective custody. Deeks is curious to know why is she so important to Kensi. She tells him that she is her mother. She tells him that she has not spoken to her in fifteen years. She also tells him that since somebody tried to kill her today, she is the target and the man could also use her mother as leverage to get to her. Just then Granger calls Deeks and tells him to put Kensi on the phone. He knows that they are together. Hetty assures her that Granger is on their side. Kensi tells them that she already knows about Peter Claremont and tells them that she saw him at her mother's house a few minutes ago. But she wasn't sure so she let him live. Granger tells her that there is a truth that she doesn't know. Officially her father's unit had 18 kills but actually it was 19. The last one was in America: a guy named Stevens and his death was made to look like a heart attack. He was a journalist. Weeks after Stevens died, her father allegedly died in a car accident. Steverns has a daughter but she never wanted to talk with Granger about her father. kensi is sure that she can make her talk and she hungs up on him. Kensi promises Deeks that she will be back as soon as she gets a chance to talk to Megan and sort things out. But Deeks doesn't want to do that alone.

Forget what they want. I'm talking about us, all right? I'm your partner. What makes you think that I'm gonna let you do this by yourself?

But when Kensi speak about how much she trusts him he agrees to keep her mother safe and to let her go.

Because you're my partner. And this is my mother... and you're the only person I trust.

Deeks meets Julia; and it is awkward. He tells her that Peter is a threat and her daughter who now is a cop, has sent him to her. He wants her to go with him. She agrees. Next we see that Kensi meets Megan. Initially Megan did not want to talk about her father's death but when Kensi tells her that there could be a connection between both the deaths, she lets her in. Meanwhile, Julia meets Callen and Sam. They are surprised to know that Kensi has a mother. And Julia is surprised that Kensi is a federal agent.

Last time I saw Kensi, she was dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and her favorite New Kid on the Block was Joey.

She tells them that Kensi thinks that she left her father for another man. But actually when her husband told her about the things the unit did, she was freaked out and ran away taking Kensi with her. But Kensi ran away and went to her father's place and tells her mom that she never wanted to see her again.

We got as far as Nevada when she ran away. A few days later, Don called to tell me that she showed up at his doorstep. I knew I'd lost, but I had him put Kensi on the phone anyway. She said she never wanted to talk to me again. Daddy's girl till the end.

Meanwhile, Kensi tells Megan that she is sure that Stevens did not die of natural causes but she has no clue who killed her father. Just then Megan gets a call and tells the caller that a family friend stopped by. Kensi looks around a little and realizes that Megan knows more than what she is telling her. The two pull their guns out at each other. But Kensi gets a clear shot and Megan is dead. She checks Megan's phone to see who the last caller was and ran away.

The other members of the team are on the scene, Deeks tells Callen and Sam that Kensi was supposed to come back after she spoke with Megan; instead they traded shots and killed her in self defense? That doesn't make sense. Callen finds something is amiss and look around for something out of place. They find a body hidden in a chest and understand that the girl Kensi shot was not the actual Megan, but some imposter. The real Megan was shot in the head. Nell finds out that the girl who is posing as Megan worked for the same unit run by Peter. Nell and Eric are trying to identify Peter's team; all ex-military; all shooters. Kensi hides in the beach public bathroom and in a moment of weakness calls Deeks.

Kensi? Kensi, is that you? Are you okay? Kensi, talk to me. Kensi?

And she hungs up. Later Kensi calls Peter. He tells her that he was the one who killed her father. She tells him that she's ready to fight him. Nell finds out that the article Stevens was working on was actually about Peter and that is the reason he was killed. Kensi goes to her mother's house and when she enters she sees some photos of herself. Her mother never stopped loving her. She calls the team on a secured line. Callen realizes that Kensi knew that Peter would have Julia's house on surveillance and the moment Kensi would walk in, he would kill her. Kensi too knew about Peter's plans; and that is exactly why she called them. Kensi hears Peter's voice talking to her. Meanwhile the team arrives at Julia's house. On one hand, we see the team take down Peter's men; and on the other we see Kensi take down Peter. Bleeding on the stares Peter has the gut to say that Brad Stevens was just a difference of opinion between him and her father and that they were the same.

My father was a United States Marine. You're a killer who just happened to pass through.

The team sees a wounded Peter lying on the floor. When Peter tries to shoot Kensi, Granger pulls the trigger at him. Hetty finds the evidence Peter was looking for from Megan's bank vault. It was the phone conversation where Kensi's father calls Stevens and tells him that he needs to disappear as his life is in danger. He also tells him to meet with Granger, the only person he trusts and to tell him about this phon call. Kensi hears this and is relieved. Granger also hands over her Father's diary to her. He knows Donald would want her to have it.

She meets with the team and everyone is happy that this is over. Deeks asks her if she's going to her mother, she nods but she doesn't know what to say to her because she cut her out of her life and I never gave her a chance to explain herself. Deeks encourages her.

I don't think she wants an apology. I just think she wants her daughter back.

Kensi reads her father's journal at sunset on the beach and finally make peace with herself. Her father may have lied to her but always in her best interest and he really wasn't that different form the man she knew. At the end she meets with Julia, her mom, and both are moved by the reunion.

It's been a really long day, Mom. But I made it.

Credit: Adaptation from Tv Rage

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